Game Law


CPSIA-What It Means to You is a must read for people considering producing toys or games for children.

See the glossary for definitions of and links regarding: copyright, trademark, and patent law regarding games. See also non-disclosure agreement.

Here is a list of a variety of links you may find of interest concerning game law.

  1. Entrepreneur Magazine reviews the basics of game industry Intellecutal Property (IP) law.

  2. Video Game Law Blog is great. Even if you are into board or card game design, realize that except for a couple of cases, most major case law for the gaming industry is in the field of video game law.

  3. Jon Festinger has released a book on video game law.

  4. J. H. Kim, has a great write-up on copyright of game supplements.

  5. Gamasutra has a number of features on game-related law for its members.

  6. Generic Legal Forms for Sale

  7. Real California Business Contracts from SEC Filings. See what real licensing contracts look like.

  8. If you want to release your game for free so that other developers can add onto it, you may want to read the article entitled Info on the Open Gaming License. The OGL is not the only license, though, there are the Creative Commons licenses, as well as some others. The OGL, for all of its numerous faults, is the best one to use if you want to open up part of your game and protect other parts of it.

  9. Thomas Buscaglia the contributor to the Game Law columns at Gamasutra has his own website called GameAttorney.Com with a variety of game law articles. Buscaglia offers a set of legal forms for game developers for around $300.00, available at I can't speak to the value of this kit relative to other sources where you can buy legal forms piecemeal at much less expensive rates, but I will post a review of it as soon as possible. Buscaglia comes highly recommended, and tours many game expos giving lectures. While he does a lot of work in the video game industry, one of Buscaglia's clients is Zeitgeist Games, the company of D&D co-founder Dave Arneson.