Where Can I Get Art?

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Indie Publishers Art Tutorials

Folks, if you want color art cheap, you really need to learn how to color line art and just commission people to do some lineart for you. You'll spend your own time instead of a lot of your own money. So, if you are on a budget, get some software and go to town.

Fee-Based Services

Be really careful about using so-called free art online for a professional game. Lots of people just take art wherever they can find it and call it free. Use that stuff in a professional release and welcome to lawsuit central. Stick to the fee for service places.

Packaged Art for Cheap

Hiring Artists

These are lists of forums and galleries where artists show off their wares and advertise their services. Good hunting!

Public Domain

If you are at a college library or major city, you may find books published prior to 1923. Their contents are public domain.

Now you may have heard that all U.S. Government artwork is free for use. That just ain't so. It used to be. But times have changed and the government has gotten sneaky. Almost anything originating in the U.S. Governement is public domain and you can use it with few or no strings attached (certain seals are public domain, but have certain government regulations on display, such as medals of honor). However, sometimes the government hired art agencies to take photos or make art for them, and then buys the copyright. Those items are copyrighted and not public domain. Look for a Read Me or Legal Link on government websites or email somebody regarding permissions before you use U.S. Government stuff in a pro release.