Sources for Game Parts

Companies with a * have high minimum orders, but will handle custom component design. Koplow Games* is one of the U.S.'s largest manufacturers of dice and counters. They normally only deal in large orders on account, but on a one-time-only basis you can pay a fee to make an order with them for less than their minimum.

Plastics for Games* sell just that. They have a wide variety of specialty pawns. They only deal in large orders.

Rolco Games* is a Minnesota-based game parts company.

Mr. Chips* has a variety of poker chips, counters, and plastic items, again with a large minimum order for some items.

Megaglass sells glass stones.

Custom Imprint Sells Customized Poker Chips & dice (including mini-chips).

Casino Supplysells poker chip trays, but they are too expensive for anything but prototypes.

Armies in Plastic sells plastic army men.

Advancing Hordes has an amazing selection of blank dice products.

EDPS sells Shrink Sheets that go through your printer, then go into the oven, to turn into miniature plastic components.

Smooth-On sells liquids, rubbers, and plastics, and has tutorial information on casting shapes.

My Game Money makes custom game money.

Dice & Games, Ltd. (UK)* sells, guess what, dice. Most importantly, they are the only folks around who have those neat dice Hasbro now uses with recessed faces to hold labels (Dice & Games calls them indented dice).

Game Builders (UK)* manufactures giant versions of familiar games to play in yards.

Learning Resources sells boards numbered 1 to 100 on one side (in a grid) with blank sides on the other. Maybe useful as scoring tracks or counters.

Hasbro sells replacement parts for their games in limited quantities. No, they probably won't help you manufacture your game, but if you need a few parts from a current game you may be able to get them here.

Plain Cards makes nice uncoated microperforated cards as well as those that have pre-printed backs on C1S stock.

Spiel Material has a great selection of blank hex tiles, cards with pre-printed backs, and other wonderful game design components.

Bare Books sells blank game boards and accessories for teachers.

Billy Bones offers lots of cool pirate stuff, including plastic and metal coins, some of which appear in games which I've bought off the shelf.

Minature Molds sells stuff for molding your own miniatures.

Marion Co. does nice custom poker chips fairly inexpensively and offers free samples.

Great Hall Games sells a variety of generic game accessories. Useful if you want something in a small quantity instead of in massive numbers.

Mega Minis carries a wide assortment of pewter miniatures.

Spotlight on Games has one of the best game components lists on the internet. Unlike my links they aren't annotated