Powerstorm™ is a superhero fighting customizable card game designed by Lee Valentine of Veritas Games Company™. Almost everything about Powerstorm is designed to mimic some aspect of comic book battling action.

Deck building is varied enough to allow you to play customized teams or your favorite traditional comic book supergroups. However, the game offers a wide variety of pre-game and in-game strategic and tactical choices, equally balancing the importance of deck design skills, tournament metagame decisions, and general game play skills.

The game's core mechanic is a blow-by-blow boxing match-style approach where every blow against your opponent's characters counts. Using this core fight mechanic, one method of winning the game is to render your opponent's characters into sweet unconsciousness. This method of play differs from a variety of other superhero card games where characters are compared and a victor is instantly determined, robbing the players of any sense of thrilling comic book tension.

Simultaneously, however, each team is striving to complete objectives other than merely knocking out the other team. If a team completes its objective first it can often win the game even if it is taking a beating.

Guest stars often temporarily intervene in the fights on behalf of their friends or against their enemies. Allies and sidekicks of your heroes often play a critical role in game play as well.

Complex card synergies, combat maneuvers, gadgets, weapons, and team attack strategies allow for a diversity of play styles, allowing players to play the game the way they want. Want to avoid fighting and let your characters think their way to the win? No problem. Rather bring a group of dim-witted knuckle-draggers to the table and settle things the old fashioned way? You can do that too. However you play, be careful for the plot twists that neither player can fully plan their games around, because they are part of the game too!

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