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The Path™ is an abstract, tile-based, racing game for one to two players. Players construct a maze of tiles that define the paths that they must race down, with each player racing down a separate course. The courses change constantly as the tiles are exchanged and rotated by the players. There are many routes to failure, but there is only one path to victory. Can you find The Path?

As a free print-and-play game, I designed The Path so that the game tiles fit on a single sheet of label paper, making it easy to construct the game. It is also designed to be light on ink usage, so that you can try out the game without a huge investment of time or money. If the label is printed and adhered to thin chipboard, the components will fit inside a very small gripseal bag or poker-sized tuck box, making it a game that you can carry with you in your jacket pocket to play at a moment's notice.

The Path comes with several variant ways to play, ranging from fairly simple to very challenging. One variant requires very little setup, while another makes the setup part of the game's strategy. Yet another option adds a "Concentration"-style memory element to the setup, greatly changing the feel of the game.

Ages: 10-Adult
Rules: 15 minutes to learn
Play Time: 30 minutes

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